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Act I, Scenes 3–5: Questions and Answers

Quiz Questions

  1. What joke does the Nurse reminisce about?
  2. How does Juliet feel about marriage in general?
  3. How does Juliet react when her mother tells her that Paris is interested in her?
  4. What strange feeling does Romeo express to his friends before they arrive at the ball?
  5. Who is Queen Mab?
  6. What happens when Tybalt realizes that Romeo, a Montague, is at the Capulet party?
  7. What is Romeo’s reaction when he sees Juliet for the first time?
  8. What types of metaphors do Romeo and Juliet use during their first conversation?
  9. What does Juliet tell the Nurse just before she sends her off to find out who Romeo is?
  10. What is Juliet’s reaction to learning that Romeo is a Montague?

Quiz Answers

  1. The Nurse brings up a time when young Juliet fell over and the Nurse’s husband joked that Juliet will fall backwards (a reference to sex) when she gets older.
  2. Juliet tells her mother that marriage is...

(The entire section is 315 words.)