Act IV, Scenes 4–5: Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

  1. Why does Lady Capulet urge her husband to go to sleep?
  2. What event is supposed to take place this morning?
  3. Why does Lord Capulet joke that his wife is jealous?
  4. What does Lord Capulet tell the Nurse to do after Paris arrives?
  5. What happens when the Nurse goes upstairs to wake Juliet?
  6. How do Juliet’s parents react to her death?
  7. What does Friar Laurence tell Juliet’s grieving family members?
  8. What will the wedding preparations now be used for?
  9. Why do Peter and the musicians fight?
  10. Why do the musicians decide to stick around?

Quiz Answers

  1. Lord Capulet has stayed up all night planning the wedding.
  2. Juliet and Paris’s wedding is supposed to happen.
  3. Lord Capulet is referring to his wife’s reaction to his joke about how he used to stay up all night with women.
  4. Lord Capulet tells the Nurse to wake up Juliet.
  5. The Nurse finds Juliet (apparently) dead.
  6. Juliet’s parents are devastated by her unexpected death, and they begin to insult death itself.
  7. Friar Laurence reminds her family that she is in a better place.
  8. The wedding preparations will now be used for the funeral.
  9. Peter wants the musicians to play a happy song to cheer him up, but the musicians don’t think it would be appropriate.
  10. The musicians stick around in hopes of getting some free lunch.

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