Romeo and Juliet Act IV, Scenes 1–3: Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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Act IV, Scenes 1–3: Questions and Answers

Quiz Questions

  1. What is Paris doing talking to Friar Laurence?
  2. How does Paris act toward Juliet?
  3. What does Juliet threaten to do when she’s alone with the Friar?
  4. What does the potion that the Friar gives Juliet do?
  5. What is the Friar’s plan?
  6. What is Romeo’s role in the plan?
  7. What does Juliet do when she returns home?
  8. What is Lord Capulet’s reaction to Juliet’s change of heart?
  9. Why is Juliet’s mother reluctant to move up the wedding?
  10. Why is Juliet afraid to take the potion?

Quiz Answers

  1. Paris is making arrangements for his wedding with Juliet.
  2. Paris acts forward and possessively toward Juliet as he assumes she loves him back.
  3. Juliet says she will kill herself before marrying Paris.
  4. The potion will make Juliet sleep for 42 hours.
  5. The Friar decides that Juliet will fake her own death to avoid having to marry Paris, and then Romeo will secretly come fetch her and bring her back to Mantua.
  6. Friar Laurence intends to send a messenger to Romeo to explain Juliet’s fake death and instruct him to come back to Verona.
  7. Juliet tells her parents she has changed her mind about not wanting to marry Paris.
  8. Lord Capulet is so excited that he moves the wedding up a day.
  9. Juliet’s mother is worried that the preparations won’t be finished in time.
  10. Juliet is afraid that the potion might actually be poison or that the plan will go awry and she will wake up alone in the Capulet tomb.