Romeo and Juliet Act III, Scenes 3 and 4: Questions and Answers

William Shakespeare

Act III, Scenes 3 and 4: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What day is it in Scene 3?

2. Where did Romeo run to hide after the murder of Tybalt?

3. How does he react to the news that he is banished from Verona?

4. Who tells him that the Prince has banished him?

5. What upsets Romeo the most about being banished?

6. The Friar gives three reasons that Romeo should be happy. What were they?

7. What does the Nurse give to Romeo?

8. Where is Romeo to go before daybreak?

9. On what day does Lord Capulet plan for Juliet to be married to Paris?

10. Who is to tell Juliet the “good news” concerning her future marriage to Paris?

1. It is very late on Monday night in Scene 3.

2. After the murders, Romeo ran to hide in Friar Laurence’s cell.

3. Romeo would rather die than be banished from Verona.

4. The Friar tells him the news that he will not be killed but only banished.

5. The thought of not seeing or touching Juliet ever again bothers Romeo the most.

6. The Friar gives Romeo three reasons for being happy: Juliet is alive; he is alive, and he is only banished not killed.

7. The Nurse gives Juliet’s ring to Romeo.

8. Romeo must leave Juliet’s bed chamber before daybreak and go to Mantua.

9. Lord Capulet has arranged for Juliet to marry Paris on Thursday.

10. Lady Capulet is to tell Juliet the “good news” before she retires to bed.