Act III, Scenes 3–4: Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

  1. Where is Romeo hiding?
  2. How does Romeo react to his banishment?
  3. Why is the Friar frustrated with Romeo?
  4. Why does Romeo threaten to kill himself?
  5. What plan does the Friar come up with?
  6. How will they attempt to lift Romeo’s banishment?
  7. Why hasn’t Lord Capulet had time to talk to Juliet about Paris?
  8. Why does Lord Capulet want the wedding to be on Thursday rather than Wednesday?
  9. What assurance does Lord Capulet give Paris?
  10. Why will the wedding be a small affair?

Quiz Answers

  1. Romeo is hiding in Friar Laurence’s cell.
  2. Romeo declares that banishment is a worse punishment than death.
  3. The Friar is frustrated that Romeo is not grateful for the Prince’s mercy.
  4. Romeo thinks Juliet must hate him for killing her cousin.
  5. The Friar says that Romeo should go to Juliet tonight and then flee to Mantua in the morning. While he is in Mantua, they will try to lift his banishment.
  6. The Friar plans to spread the word that Romeo and Juliet are married and petition Prince Escalus to allow Romeo back into Verona.
  7. Tybalt’s death and the resulting chaos has prevented him from discussing the Paris with Juliet.
  8. Lord Capulet says that Wednesday is too soon, given Tybalt’s recent death.
  9. Lord Capulet assures Paris that Juliet will go along with his wishes—that is, he assures Paris that Juliet will agree to the marriage.
  10. Lord Capulet does not want to give the impression that the family doesn’t care about Tybalt’s death.

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