Act III, Scenes 1–2: Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

  1. What does Mercutio say about Benvolio?
  2. Why does Tybalt approach Mercutio and Benvolio?
  3. What happens when Romeo appears?
  4. Why won’t Romeo fight Tybalt?
  5. What happens when Romeo jumps in between Tybalt and Mercutio?
  6. Why is Romeo only banished?
  7. What does Juliet initially think the Nurse is saying?
  8. What is Juliet’s initial reaction to the news that Romeo has killed Tybalt?
  9. What does Juliet do when the Nurse begins to criticize Romeo?
  10. Why does Juliet give a ring to the Nurse?

Quiz Answers

  1. Mercutio jokes that Benvolio is quick to fight.
  2. Tybalt is looking for Romeo and knows that Mercutio and Benvolio are Romeo’s friends.
  3. When Romeo appears, Tybalt challenges him to a duel.
  4. Romeo refuses to fight Tybalt because (unbeknownst to everyone present) he is married to Tybalt’s cousin.
  5. Tybalt thrusts his sword under Romeo’s outstretched arm and stabs Mercutio.
  6. Romeo is only banished because he only killed Tybalt, who had already violated the law by killing Mercutio.
  7. Juliet initially thinks that the Nurse is saying that both Tybalt and Romeo are dead.
  8. Juliet initially criticizes Romeo, saying that this behavior is not in keeping with the sort of person she thought he was.
  9. When the Nurse criticizes Romeo, Juliet changes her mind and defends him, deciding that she must be loyal to her husband above all others.
  10. Juliet gives the Nurse a ring to give to Romeo as a token of her love.

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