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Act II, Scenes 1–2: Questions and Answers

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Last Updated on October 26, 2018, by eNotes Editorial. Word Count: 287

Quiz Questions

  1. Why does Romeo jump over the orchard wall?
  2. Why does Mercutio make jokes about Rosaline?
  3. What does Romeo say about Mercutio’s teasing?
  4. What does Juliet say about names?
  5. How does Romeo respond when Juliet tells him that he will be killed if the other Capulets find him?
  6. Why is Juliet worried about what Romeo overheard her saying?
  7. Why doesn’t Juliet want Romeo to swear his love on the moon?
  8. What does Juliet suggest they do instead of swearing their love right now?
  9. Who first brings up the idea of marriage?
  10. Where does Romeo plan to go once he says goodbye to Juliet?

Quiz Answers

  1. Romeo decides that he cannot leave the Capulet house without seeing Juliet again.
  2. Mercutio thinks that Romeo is still in love with Rosaline. He jokes about her, hoping to provoke Romeo into showing himself.
  3. Romeo remarks that it is easy to poke fun at other people’s pain when you have never felt the same sort of pain yourself.
  4. Juliet says that names shouldn’t matter because they are just words; they don’t actually define or change the thing they name.
  5. Romeo says he is more afraid of being rejected by Juliet than he is of the Capulets finding him.
  6. Juliet worries that Romeo might think that she is too easily won since he overheard her confessing her love for him.
  7. Juliet says that Romeo shouldn’t swear by something so changeable and inconstant as the moon.
  8. Juliet worries that things might be moving too fast and suggests that they wait a little while before declaring their love.
  9. Juliet is the one who first brings up marriage.
  10. Romeo plans to go see the Friar to make arrangements for the wedding.

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