With are the six main complications in act 4, scene 2 of Romeo and Juliet?

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In Act IV, scene ii of Romeo and Juliet, Juliet faces decisions that will lead either to life or death.  Here are the "big six":

1.  Capulet has arranged her to be married to Paris in the morning, but--little does he know--she's already married.

2.  Juliet does not love Paris; instead, she loves Romeo

3.  The Nurse sides with her parents in this arranged marriage, which is a kind of betrayal since she helped arranged Juliet's earlier marriage to Romeo

4.  Juliet has her potion that Friar Lawrence has given her.  It could lead to life with Romeo or death (suicide?) in her bed.

5.  Juliet, in the next scene, will fear waking up in the Capulet family tomb next to her dead cousin Tybalt.

6.  Juliet will miss her parents.  This is the last time she speaks to them.

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