What is a good discussion question (for grade 8) for act II, scene V (lines 1-38) for Romeo and Juliet? For grade 8 - lines 1-38

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Because this scene of Act II displays the humor of the Nurse who teases and almost tortures the eager and anxious Juliet, it may be evocative of circumstances in the lives of the eighth-graders.  For instance, they may have been tortured by an older sibling, especially a brother, as they have awaited news of something for which they have been waiting.  Perhaps, then, a question can be posed that asks for an analogy on the part of the students between a relative of theirs and the Nurse.  That is, a question can be posed that inquires if the students have ever had a relative or friend who has withheld information from them just to tease them.  Then, the student can draw comparisons and contrasts between the Nurse and his/her relative's way of prolonging the answers, saying things that are irrelevant, and then finally revealing the answer that has been asked for much earlier.  Finally, an examination of the reason for asking a question in this manner may be discussed.

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