What are Capulet's two conditions for allowing Paris to marry Juliet?

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Despite being initially tolerant and sympathetic to his daughter's wishes regarding marriage, Lord Capulet acts completely different in act three, scene four, when Paris visits his estate. Lord Capulet now believes that Juliet is ready to get married and expresses his desire for her to marry the revered, noble Paris. However, Lord Capulet recognizes that it is a bad time for his daughter to marry Paris because Tybalt has recently died. Lord Capulet is concerned about his daughter's emotions and believes that marrying Paris will bring her happiness. Before Paris leaves, Lord Capulet promises that Juliet will be married to him on two conditions. The first condition is that they must be married on Thursday because Wednesday is much too soon to celebrate considering Tybalt's recent death. The second condition is that the wedding must be small. Lord Capulet tells Paris that only a half a dozen friends will be invited to the wedding to avoid being criticized for participating in revelries after the recent death of their close relative.

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Capulet decides that it will help Juliet recover from what he thinks is her grief over the death of Tybalt if she marries Paris. Therefore, even though he knows Juliet is quite young, Capulet agrees to the marriage. His two conditions are as follows: He fears that because the marriage is coming so close to Tybalt's murder, it will look disrespectful to have a big wedding. Therefore, he insists that the wedding be very small, with only a few guests. As he says to Paris:

We’ll keep no great ado, a friend or two.
For, hark you, Tybalt being slain so late,
It may be thought we held him carelessly,
Being our kinsman, if we revel much.
Therefore we’ll have some half a dozen friends,
And there an end.

His other stipulation is that it occur on Thursday. Although Paris would prefer it on Wednesday, he goes along with this, as it will still happen very quickly.

Capulet tells Paris he is very sure that Juliet will do as he says and agree to the marriage.

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