What are the main similarities and differences between the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet and the fire escape scene in West Side Story?

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Both scenes show the distance that the lovers have to conquer. According to their respective socities, they are not supposed to be together. Both female leads acknowledge their background as the reason why they can't be together. They both show the results of their chance meeting (love at first sight and the need to see each other). They are soon separated by an adult but promise to contact each other the next day.

There are references to the moon in both plays but are used differently. Juliet will not let Romeo swear his love by the moon (the moon waxes and wanes and Juliet doesn't want his love to change the same way). In WSS, the moon provides the "light" of their lives tonight.

BOTH {Maria and Tony}
Tonight, tonight,
The world is full of light,
With suns and moons all over the place.
Tonight, tonight,
The world is wild and bright,
Going mad, shooting stars into space.
Today the world was just an address,
A place for me to live in,
No better than all right,
But here you are
And what was just a world is a star

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