I'm supposed to make a game for Romeo and Juliet. What are some really hard Qs & As I can use for the trivia challenge cards?

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1.Who is Susan? Nurse’s daughter who was born on the same day as Juliet; however, she died.
2.When is Juliet’s birthday? Juliet’s birthday is on Lammas Eve.
3.What premonition does Romeo have? Romeo has a premonition that something is about to happen that will shorten his life.
4.What is Friar Laurence’s special skill? Making medicines and potions from herbs.
5. How many people know of the marriage? Four main characters: Romeo and Juliet, of course; but also the Nurse and Friar Laurence.
6. What is another name for the Friar? Friar Laurence is also the ghostly confessor.
7.How is Mercutio killed? Tybalt reaches under Romeo’s arm and stabs Mercutio
8.What does the Nurse give to Romeo? Juliet’s ring.
9.What vision does Juliet have as Romeo is leaving? Juliet has a vision of Romeo dead in the bottom of a tomb.
10.How long will the sleeping potion take effect? The sleeping potion lasts for 42 hours.
11.How will Romeo know about the plans? Friar Laurence is planning to send him a letter.
12.What was Romeo’s dream? He dreams Juliet finds him dead and brings him back to life as an emperor with her kisses.
13.Who brings Romeo the news that Juliet is dead? Balthasar, Romeo’s servant.
14.How much does Romeo pay for the poison? 40 ducats.
15.Why is the letter not delivered to Romeo? Friar John is quarantined while visiting the sick.
16.Name the people who have died in Act V, scene iii. Paris, Lady Montague, Romeo, and Juliet have all died in this scene.

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Here are a few for you.

One posted in this forum the other day would be good: "What kind of pet does Juliet say she'll make of Romeo?" (A bird)

What was the lover's name who dumped Romeo before he met Juliet? (Rosaline)

How long has the Nurse been Juliet's nanny? (Her whole life)

What does Friar Lawrence mean when he says "mad men have no ears"? (Those in love don't listen to sound advice.)

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