Can you provide a quote from "Romeo and Juliet" that describes Count Paris?

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In Act One, Scene Four, Juliet, Lady Capulet and the Nurse are discussing how Juliet feels about getting married.  The young County Paris has asked Lord Capulet for Juliet's hand in marriage and he has directed his wife to seek out Juliet's opinion of this proposition.  Lady Capulet proceeds in Lines 90-103 to compare the characteristics of County Paris to a richly, decorated book:

"Read o'er the volume of Young Paris' face, Examine every several lineament, And see how one another lends content; And what obscured in this fair volume lies Find written in the margent of his eyes.  This precious book of love, this unbound lover, To beautify him only lacks a cover.  The fish lives in the sea, and 'tis much pride For fair without the fair within to hide. That book in many's eyes doth share the glory, That in gold clasps locks in the golden story; So shall you share all that he doth possess, By having him making yourself no less".

Lady Capulet is using an extended metaphor in her compaison of County Paris to a book and she feels Juliet should definitely read this "book" from cover to cover.

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