Benvolio (Character Analysis)

(Shakespeare for Students)

He is a nephew to Montague and a cousin and friend to Romeo. His name means well-wisher, which reflects to some degree Benvolio's role in the...

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Lord Capulet (Character Analysis)

(Shakespeare for Students)

A leading citizen of Verona and head of one of the two feuding families. His attitudes seem to display a mixture of qualities rather than...

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Prince Escalus (Character Analysis)

(Shakespeare for Students)

The ruler of Verona. Fourteenth-century Italy consisted of kingdoms, papal states, and local lordships. Verona under Prince Escalus was in...

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Juliet (Character Analysis)

(Shakespeare for Students)

Juliet is the daughter of Lord and Lady Capulet and one of the two title characters. When the play begins, we learn from the nurse's remarks...

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Lawrence (Character Analysis)

(Shakespeare for Students)

Also: Friar Lawrence and in some editions, Laurence

Friar Lawrence is a Franciscan monk. He lives in modest quarters suitable to...

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Mercutio (Character Analysis)

(Shakespeare for Students)

Mercutio is a kinsman to the prince and friend to Romeo. Mercutio is often interpreted as a comic foil to Romeo. (A foil is a character who...

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Nurse (Character Analysis)

(Shakespeare for Students)

The nurse is a servant in the Capulet household. The nurse is often interpreted as a comic foil to Juliet. (A foil is a character who through...

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Romeo (Character Analysis)

(Shakespeare for Students)

Romeo is the son to Lord and Lady Montague and one of the two title characters. Romeo's first love interest is not Juliet but a young woman...

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Tybalt (Character Analysis)

(Shakespeare for Students)

He is a nephew to Lord Capulet and a cousin to Juliet. He does not speak many lines, but he influences the entire course of the play to a...

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Other Characters (Descriptions)

(Shakespeare for Students)

He is a servant of the Montagues. Abram appears in the first scene of the play and quarrels with the Capulet servants,...

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