Romeo and Juliet Act IV, Scenes 4 and 5: Summary and Analysis

William Shakespeare

Act IV, Scenes 4 and 5: Summary and Analysis

Scene 4 takes place in a hall of the Capulet’s house. Lord and Lady Capulet, the Nurse, and numerous servants are busily preparing for the wedding. The Capulets and their servants are making jokes, not realizing that Juliet is in a deathlike trance in her room. She has risked her life in order to avoid what her family is celebrating. The curfew bell has just chimed three o’clock on Wednesday morning. Lord Capulet hears the music made by Paris and his company as they come for Juliet, and sends the Nurse to awaken and prepare her for the wedding.

Scene 5 is within Juliet’s chamber. The Nurse comes into her room calling for her to get up because Paris is arriving. She calls her a “slugabed,”...

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