Romeo and Juliet Act IV, Scenes 1-3: Summary and Analysis

William Shakespeare

Act IV, Scenes 1-3: Summary and Analysis

As scene 1 opens, Paris is found at Friar Laurence’s cell consulting with him about his wedding plans. The friar, who knows why this marriage can never take place, says that it is rushing to have the marriage on Thursday. Paris tells Friar Laurence that they have decided to go ahead and marry because Juliet has been weeping uncontrollably, and her father is worried about her. Lord Capulet, not knowing that she weeps for Romeo, believes that the marriage will help her get over Tybalt’s death more quickly. Juliet arrives and Paris greets her as his wife. She responds coolly but cordially. After Paris tells her that he will come for her early Thursday morning, he departs. Juliet entreats the Friar to “come...

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