Romeo and Juliet Act III, Scenes 3 and 4: Summary and Analysis

William Shakespeare

Act III, Scenes 3 and 4: Summary and Analysis

Scene 3 takes place on Monday night inside Friar Laurence’s cell. When Romeo fled the streets of Verona after the killings, he went there to hide. As the Friar approaches, the distraught Romeo asks what the Prince has decreed as his punishment.

The Friar says, “Not body’s death, but body’s banishment.” To this, Romeo cries that banishment is worse than death because “There is no world without Verona walls.” Friar Laurence attempts to make Romeo realize that he could have been sentenced to death, that the decree of banishment means that at least he will live. Romeo claims that not being able to see and touch Juliet is the same punishment as death. Romeo will not be consoled and throws...

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