Romeo and Juliet Act III, Scenes 1 and 2: Summary and Analysis

William Shakespeare

Act III, Scenes 1 and 2: Summary and Analysis

Scene 1 takes place on the streets of Verona. It is Monday afternoon on day two, about an hour after the wedding between Romeo and Juliet. Benvolio and Mercutio are walking down one of the streets when Benvolio suggests that they retire. The day is extremely hot, and if they meet with the Capulets, tempers will flare and there is bound to be a fight. Mercutio is ready for a fight and hopes to have one. The Capulets enter led by Tybalt, who inquires about Romeo. Tybalt had challenged Romeo to a duel to get revenge for his uninvited appearance at the Capulet ball. At this time, Romeo, who is returning from Friar Laurence’s chapel, approaches the group of men.

Tybalt insults Romeo by calling him a...

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