Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Judge Gamaliel Bland Honeywell

Judge Gamaliel Bland Honeywell, a wealthy widower, sixty-five years old. He is tall, dignified, and well preserved but spindle-legged. His hair and beard are silvery, his mustache is dark, his eyebrows are beetling, and his nose is Roman. His views are conservative, Southern, nineteenth century ones. Especially interested in young women, he is chivalrous toward all women. Unless he is careful of his diet, he suffers from dyspepsia. Retired from the bench, he now practices law and enjoys respect for his legal ability. Lacking a commonsense knowledge of human nature, he enters a marriage that is doomed from its beginning. Although he is kind and generous to Annabel, he is nevertheless chained to his habits and his enjoyment of physical comfort, and he is unable to perceive her urgent need for the kind of love he cannot give. He accepts the blame for Annabel’s leaving him because, as he says, he is older and should have known that marriage to him would not be enough for her.


Annabel, his second wife, twenty-three years old. Appealingly fragile in body, she has a freckled, heart-shaped face, nut-brown hair with coppery glints, and gray-green eyes. She is a frank and somewhat selfish realist but much more naïve than she thinks. Bitter and filled with hatred over Angus Blount’s deserting her, she resents the genteel poverty in which she and her mother live, and she accepts the...

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