The Romance of the Forest Characters

Ann Ward

Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Pierre de la Motte

Pierre de la Motte (pyehr deh lah moht), a fugitive from the law, a passionate man who has run through a sizable fortune. He rescues Adeline from ruffians. He takes refuge with his household in an ancient abbey. He tries to rob the marquis de Montalt and falls into the man’s power. La Motte is finally exiled to England for his misdeeds.

Mme de la Motte

Mme de la Motte, a faithful, patient wife. She takes pity on Adeline until she thinks that her son loves the girl; then her manner becomes cold.

Louis de la Motte

Louis de la Motte (lwee), Pierre’s son, a soldier stationed in Germany. He traces his parents to the ancient abbey, drawn by his love for them. He falls in love with Adeline but loses her to Théodore Peyrou.


Adeline (ah-day-LEEN), a sweet, lively young woman rescued by Pierre de la Motte. She shares the family’s hiding place in the ancient abbey. Actually an heiress, she has been cheated by her evil uncle, the marquis, but comes into her rightful inheritance when he is executed. She falls in love with Théodore Peyrou, whom she marries after many adventures.

Théodore Peyrou

Théodore Peyrou (tay-oh-DOHR peh-REW), a young officer. He tries gallantly to rescue Adeline from the marquis de Montalt...

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