The Romance of the Forest

by Ann Radcliffe

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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

Below are several of the characters in The Romance of the Forest.

Pierre de la Motte. He saves Adeline; however, he is constantly running from the law. He leaves Paris after financial mishap. In attempts to pay his debts, he breaks the law. He takes his wife and they run south. This is when he rescues Adeline. After rescuing her, he and his family decide to stay in a hidden abbey. Here, his mood becomes unpredictable and is filled with moments of deep depression. He attempts stealing from Marquis de Montalt and is eventually banished from England.

Peter. Peter is Pierre de la Motte’s coachman and the reason he comes to find Adeline. He runs many errands for the family. He also saves Adeline by helping her escape the marquis.

Madame de la Motte. She is Pierre’s loving wife. She is very patient with him and follows him wherever he says to go. She becomes dissatisfied when her son shows affections for Adeline.

Louise de la Motte. Louise is Pierre’s son. He is in the army and is stationed in Germany. He falls in love with Adeline when he returns to join the family in the abbey.

Adeline. She is a young, beautiful woman who comes from great wealth. She is the only daughter of Chevalier de St. Pierre. Her wealth was taken by her uncle. She gains back her money when he is killed. She is put in several dangerous situations and is saved by several men in the story. She is also the love interest of Louise. However, she falls in love with and marries Theodore Peyrou.

Theodore Peyrou. He is Adeline’s love interest. He goes to great lengths to save her.

Marquis de Mantalt. He is the owner of the haunted abbey the family lives in. He is evil and goes after Adeline.

Arnaud la Luc and Clara la Luc become Adeline’s friends.

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