Discussion Topics

(Masterpieces of American Literature)

It has been said that in Rolando Hinojosa’s writings, war is simply symbolic of other matters that concern the author. Discuss how Hinojosa uses war symbolically.

Authors create small worlds, microcosms, in which they unfold their stories. Discuss how Hinojosa uses Belken County to unfold his stories and to present his social philosophy.

Does Hinojosa present an objective and balanced view of the non-Hispanic people in the region about which he generally writes? Are they rounded or flat characters?

Can you think of a non-Hispanic author who deals with some of the same social and political issues that concern Hinojosa?

Writers usually depend heavily on the use and presentation of sensory detail. Does Hinojosa draw more heavily on one or two of the five senses than on the others? Does he ignore any of the senses?

Literature that endures does so because it deals with universal questions and problems. Do you find such universals in Hinojosa’s writings?