Other literary forms

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

Roger Martin du Gard (mahr-tan-dew-GAHR) published three plays, all of which were produced as well: Le Testament du père Leleu (old Leleu’s will), in 1914 (pr. 1914); another farce, La Gonfle (the swelling), in 1928 (pr. 1988); and Un Taciturne, in 1932 (pr. 1931). He also published the short-fiction work Confidence africaine (1931; English translation, 1983) and sketches of provincial life, Vieille France (1933; The Postman, 1954). All these works are available in the two-volume Pléiade edition of Martin du Gard’s complete works. In 1951, a portion of his extensive journal was published under the title Notes sur André Gide (Recollections of André Gide, 1953). Of his letters, only his exchanges with André Gide and Jacques Copeau have appeared.