Roger Ascham Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))

Toxophilus, The Schole of Shootinge. 2 vols. (treatise) 1545

A Report and Discourse written by Roger Ascham, of the affaires and state of Germany and the Emperour Charles his court, durying certaine yeares while the sayd Roger was there (history) 1570

The Scholemaster Or plaine and perfite way of teachyng children to understand, write, and speake, the Latin tong, but specially purposed for the private brynging up of youth in Ientlemens and Noble mens houses, and commodious also for all such, as have forgot the Latin tonge, and would, by themselves, with out a Scholemaster, in short tyme, and with small paines, recover a sufficient habilitie, to understand, write, and speake Latin (treatise) 1570

*Disertissimi viri Rogeri Aschami, Angli, Regiae maiestati non ita pridem a Latinis epistolis, familiarum epistolarum libri tres, magna orationis elegantia conscripti (letters) 1576, revised 1578

The Whole Works of Roger Ascham, Now First Collected and Revised, With a Life of the Author. 3 vols. [edited by J. A. Giles] (treatises, history) 1864-65

Toxophilus. 1545 [edited by Edward Arber] (treatise) 1868

English Works: Toxophilus, Report of the Affaires and the State of Germany, The Scholemaster [edited by William Aldis Wright] (treatises, history) 1904

The Schoolmaster (1570) [edited by Lawrence V. Ryan] (treatise) 1967

*English translations of selected letters by Ascham first appeared in A Panoplie of Epistles, Or a looking Glasse for the unlearned, compiled and translated by Abraham Fleming, 1576.