Other Literary Forms

(Critical Edition of Dramatic Literature)

Although Rodolfo Usigli is recognized principally as a playwright, he has worked in other genres as well. His theoretical works on the theater, in general, and the Mexican theater, in particular, include: México en el teatro (1932; Mexico in the Theater, 1976), Caminos del teatro en México (1933; paths of the theater in Mexico), Itinerario del autor dramático y otros ensayos (1940; itinerary of a dramatist), and Anatomía del teatro (1966; anatomy of the theater). He has also produced two theoretical essays on the theater titled “Ensayo sobre la actualidad de la poesía dramática” (essay on the actuality of dramatic poetry) and “Epílogo sobre la hipocresía del Mexicano” (epilogue on the hypocrisy of the Mexican). Usigli’s poetry is collected in a volume entitled Conversación desesperada (1938; desperate conversation). He has also produced a novel, Ensayo de un crimen (trial of a crime), which was published in 1944.