Roderick L(angmere) Haig-Brown

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J. R. T. Bueno, Jr.

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["The Western Angler: An Account of Pacific Salmon and Western Trout in British Columbia"] is one of the few authentic classics of North American angling literature….

Make no mistake, this is an outstanding book, worth the careful reading and prayerful consideration of every sportsman and conservationist—yes, and legislator too….

Those chapters which deal with fishing techniques and methods are first-rate of their kind—succinct, informed, thoughtful and full of suggestion for the prospective angler in western waters, or indeed anywhere else. Other chapters cover the lives of these Northwestern fishes—their spawning, growth, feeding habits, and complex migratory patterns. This is natural history of the highest order, based on the author's own observations as well as the careful studies of many scientists, and set forth with luminous clarity and fascinating detail.

But perhaps the finest chapters of all are those in which Mr. Haig-Brown steps from the particular to the general, from the present to the future, to consider the ethics of fishing, its place in a workaday world, and the mutual obligation of the angler and the whole people. If sportsmen and everyone else would take these pages to heart, it would be a brighter world indeed.

J. R. T. Bueno, Jr., "Volumes for the Sportsman's Library: 'The Western Angler'," in The New York Times Book Review (© 1948 by The New York Times Company; reprinted by permission), February 8, 1948, p. 17.

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