Roderick L(angmere) Haig-Brown

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Haydn Pearson

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By the time he has turned a dozen pages in this very pleasant and informative book ["Fisherman's Spring"], the reader appreciates that Roderick Haig-Brown is much more than an expert fisherman. This is a book for everyone who delights in the out-of-doors. If one happens to enjoy fishing, so much the better….

"Fisherman's Spring" is rich in trout lore and fishing secrets. It is the distilled wisdom of a man who has learned to extract the essence of outdoor experiences. Mr. Haig-Brown knows the secrets of fishing and gladly shares them. Some of the chapters are minor classics: Fishermen and Forestry, Recognizing Birds, A Boy and A Fish Pole, Northward Geese and Family Sortie among others….

This book is a little gem among fishing books; if there is a fisherman or nature lover in your family, this is a book for him and her. Mr. Haig-Brown writes about the fishing on the coast of British Columbia. Yet, his book is for all fishermen everywhere.

Haydn Pearson, "Every Day's for Fishing," in The New York Times Book Review (© 1951 by The New York Times Company; reprinted by permission), May 13, 1951, p. 12.

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