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Callie Israel

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Appearing as it did when the Canadian adventure story for boys was suffering birth-pangs [Saltwater Summer] was greeted enthusiastically by children and librarians….

A re-reading brought a mixed reaction. The author's familiarity with the locale and his knowledge of fishing and fishermen are evident. The action is fast-paced and dramatic. However, the boys seem somewhat naive by to-day's standards. The use of such interjections as "gee" and "heck" somewhat dates the book. Some of the characters seem stereotyped and the ending is predictable. Teen-agers used to books that "tell it like it is" may find this too unreal.

Callie Israel, "'Saltwater Summer'," in In Review: Canadian Books for Children, Vol. 4, No. 2. Spring, 1970, p. 25.

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