Rock Star Rock Star
by Jackie Collins

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Rock Star

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

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In ROCK STAR Jackie Collins presents three stereotypes culled from the history of the popular-music business since the Beatles changed the face of rock and roll, but the result is nevertheless enjoyable. Kris Phoenix is a hero of the English working class who has survived the grueling road trips and the lure of drugs and groupies to become an international sensation. Bobby Mondella was a child star who fell from fame when puberty struck; after recovering from a near-fatal accident, he again rises to occupy a place at the pinnacle of his profession. Rafealla Le Serre, the daughter of a French ballerina and a black operatic tenor escaped her abusive marriage through her previously unsuspected talent.

These three talented and complex survivors have, at one time or another, fallen into the clutches of the mephistophelian head of the Blue Cadillac Music Company--Marcus Citroen. Marcus Citroen, whose machinations and influence brought them fame and wealth, also has caused much of their pain: Phoenix, Mondella, and Rafealla are financial puppets and Citroen holds the strings.

Collins shifts from character to character and from past to present as she skillfully delineates the crucibles within which the three superstars were formed. She weaves the various threads of her story together so that the reader is compelled to turn the pages as fast as the mind can absorb the data presented. Moreover, she invokes such a sympathetic response to the characters that the obligatory “happy ending” is infinitely acceptable.