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Robinson Crusoe

by Daniel Defoe

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Describe Robinson Crusoe's dream during his illness.

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In the story, Robinson suffered from a terrible attack of the ague. The text tells us that he could not eat or drink during his sickest moments.

On the evening of June 27th, Robinson had a frightening dream. In his dream, Robinson believed himself to be sitting on the ground. As he looked up, he saw a man descend in a huge dark cloud. The man was clothed in a shining flame.

Robinson tells us that the man's face and figure were so bright that he could barely look at him. Most terrifying of all, the man's face showed an extremely severe expression. Robinson remembers being deathly afraid after the man's footsteps caused the earth to tremble.

He reports seeing the fearful figure approach him with a spear or weapon. For his part, Robinson believes that his formidable dream enemy had intended to kill him. The man had raised his spear and declared that Robinson should die, due to the fact that he had failed to repent of his sins.

Robinson admits that his dream frightened him. He became remorseful that he never once considered the state of his soul throughout the years of his adult life. As he lay in the throes of his terrible illness, Robinson began to regret his rejection of God and his estrangement from the parents who had begged him to reconsider his path in life.

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I believe that you are talking about the dream that Robinson Crusoe has in Chapter IX.  This is a dream that really begins his religious conversion.

In this dream, Crusoe sees a man descending from the heavens to the Earth.  The man comes towards Crusoe, holding a weapon in his hand.  He tells Crusoe that he is going to kill him because all of these things that have happened to Crusoe have not been enough to make him repent and turn to God.

The dream inspires Crusoe to pray -- he says it is his first real prayer ever.

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