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Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe, a self-sufficient Englishman who, after several adventures at sea and on land, is cast away on a small, almost uninhabited island. A practical, farsighted man of talents, he sets about making his island home comfortable, utilizing all his knowledge. His prudence and industry, aided by an imaginative insight, enable him to pass twenty-four years on the island, providing for himself in every way from the resources of the island itself and what he is able to salvage from the shipwreck that puts him in his predicament. A God-fearing man, he reads his Bible and gives thanks each day for his delivery from death. Eventually, he is rescued and returns to England after an absence of thirty-five years, only to go traveling again.

Mr. Crusoe

Mr. Crusoe, Robinson Crusoe’s father, a middle-class Englishman. He wants his son to go into business and remain at home, rather than go to sea.


Friday, a native of a nearby island rescued from cannibal captors by Robinson Crusoe. He proves to be an apt pupil and learns how to participate in his rescuer’s life and labors. He learns to speak English and becomes a friend and companion, as well as a fellow laborer.

Themes and Characters

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Robinson Crusoe, narrated in the first person, is dominated by the title character. The other major character, Friday, appears after...

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Captain of the Guinea Trading Ship
Arriving in London, Crusoe happens to meet the master of a ship bound for Guinea....

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