Robinson Crusoe Chapters 31-32 Summary
by Daniel Defoe

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Chapters 31-32 Summary

Crusoe and Friday travel back to England from Lisbon by land. As they approach the northeast border of Spain, heavy snow in the Pyrenees blocks them. Friday is terrified by the snow as well as the effects of the cold weather. The pass through the mountains is so thick with snow that no one can get through. A French gentleman finds them a guide who will take them through the mountains. They are surprised when he leads them back toward Madrid to a warmer climate, but then he leads them through a meandering route through the mountains toward the north. The snow once again catches them and a wolf attacks the guide. Friday manages to shoot it but not until it has bitten the guide in the arm and the leg.

Further on, the group encounters a bear. Friday laughs and begs them to let him take care of it. Friday puts the bear through its paces, seemingly making it dance. After several minutes of making the others laugh, Friday shoots the bear through the ear, killing it instantly. He explains that this is how bears are killed in his country, though it is usually done with an arrow because they, of course, do not have guns.

The small party travels on through the mountain pass. It is still snowing, and the mountain is steep and dangerous. In a small wood, the travelers are attacked by a large pack of wolves. The men manage to kill several. In the midst of the attack, Crusoe and the others hear the sound of a gun and see a saddled horse running off down the path. They follow the sound of the gun and find the remains of a man, his head and upper body having been eaten. They return to the attack of the wolves and manage to turn the pack away with the...

(The entire section is 468 words.)