Robin of Sherwood Summary
by Michael Morpurgo

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Robin of Sherwood Summary

(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

Robin of Sherwood retells legends of Robin Hood in a format and approach especially suitable for the younger reader. It appeals to this audience with crisp prose, short chapters, evocative and plentiful illustrations, and a few unique twists to the standard material. The inclusion of a modern boy whose discovery of the outlaw's relics draws him into the main narrative through a time travel or -vision device is the most intriguing of these.

Once the focus turns to Sherwood Forest, exciting scenes are painted with both words and pictures. The reader can easily visualize Robin's panicked flight into the forest, Friar Tuck's challenge to carry him across the bridge, and the Sheriff's archery contest. There is also a glimpse into what makes Robin the band's leader even when he is quite young. He is daring, but he also ponders the best way to keep the Outcasts safe in the forest, and to prepare for further dangers in the future. Marion evaluates his ideas, and she also helps him find ways of handling the sometimes contradictory demands of leadership.