Robertson Davies Discussion Topics

Discussion Topics

(Masterpieces of American Literature)

What role does Jungian theory play in Robertson Davies’ novels, particularly the concept of archetypes (ideas or patterns of thought derived from the collective experience of the human species and inherited by the individual)?

Davies began his writing career as a journalist. To what degree can a journalistic sensibility be discerned in his novels?

Davies had a lifelong interest in the supernatural and even wrote a book of ghost stories. Where, in his mainstream fiction, does this interest in the supernatural manifest itself, and to what effect?

Davies is one of Canada’s best-known novelists. What about his novels is particularly Canadian, and what attitude toward Canada is presented in his novels?

Many of the characters in Davies’ novels are interested in arts other than fiction. How do such artistic endeavors as painting, drama, stage magic, and opera function in Davies’ novels as metaphors for fiction writing and for life itself?