Robertson August Davies Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

Shakespeare's Boy Actors (nonfiction) 1939
Shakespeare for Young Players: A Junior Course (nonfiction) 1942
The Diary of Samuel Marchbanks (journalism) 1947
Overlaid (drama) 1947
At the Gates of the Righteous (drama) 1948
Eros at Breakfast (drama) 1948
Fortune, My Foe (drama) 1948
Hope Deferred (drama) 1948
Eros at Breakfast, and Other Plays [first publication] (drama) 1949
The Table Talk of Samuel Marchbanks (journalism) 1949
At My Heart's Core (drama) 1950
King Phoenix (drama) 1950
Tempest-Tost (novel) 1951
A Masque of Aesop (drama) 1952
Renown at Stratford: A Record of the Shakespeare Festival in Canada, 1953 [with Tyrone Guthrie and Grant Macdonald] (nonfiction) 1953
A Jig for the Gypsy (drama) 1954
Leaven of Malice (novel) 1954
Twice Have the Trumpets Sounded: A Record of the Stratford Shakespearean Festival in Canada, 1954 [with Tyrone Guthrie and Grant Macdonald] (nonfiction) 1954
Hunting Stuart (drama) 1955
Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew'd: A Record of the Stratford Shakespearean Festival in Canada, 1955 [with Tyrone Guthrie, Boyd Neal, and Tanya Moiseiwitsch] (nonfiction) 1955
A Mixture of Frailties (novel) 1958
Love and Libel (drama) 1960
A Voice from the Attic (addresses, essays, and lectures) 1960; also published as The Personal Art: Reading to Good Purposes, 1961
A Masque of Mr. Punch (drama) 1962
Samuel Marchbanks' Almanack (journalism) 1967
Fifth Business (novel) 1970
Stephen Leacock (nonfiction) 1970
Hunting Stuart, and Other Plays [first publication] (drama) 1972
The Manticore (novel) 1972
Question Time (drama) 1975
World of Wonders (novel) 1975
One Half of Robertson Davies: Provocative Pronouncements on a Wide Range of Topics (addresses, lectures, and short stories) 1977; also published as One Half of Robertson Davies, 1978
The Enthusiasms of Robertson Davies (journalism and essays) 1979
§The Rebel Angels (novel) 1981
The Well-Tempered Critic: One Man's View of Theatre and Letters in Canada (addresses, essays, and lectures) 1981
High Spirits (short stories) 1982
The Mirror of Nature (lectures) 1983
The Papers of Samuel Marchbanks (journalism and essays) 1985
§What's Bred in the Bone (novel) 1985
§The Lyre of Orpheus (novel) 1988
Murther & Walking Spirits (novel) 1991
Reading and Writing (essays) 1993
The Cunning Man (novel) 1994

∗These works were published as The Salterton Trilogy in 1986.

†This work is an adaptation of Davies's novel Leaven of Malice.

‡These works were published as The Deptford Trilogy in 1983.

§These works are collectively referred to as The Cornish Trilogy.