Robert Pinsky Poetry: American Poets Analysis - Essay

Robert Pinsky Poetry: American Poets Analysis

(Poets and Poetry in America)

Like many of the creative writers in the second half of the twentieth century, Robert Pinsky is closely identified with a university and may be accurately described as a major poet-critic. As a graduate student, Pinsky was charmed and influenced profoundly by the work of Winters, one of the most important poet-critics of the twentieth century and a man who is memorialized as the “old Man” in Pinsky’s long poem “Essay on Psychiatrists,” which appears in his first volume of poetry, Sadness and Happiness. From Winters, Pinsky learned the virtues of clarity in thought and diction as well as a rigorous attention to poetic meter and other details of craftsmanship. Even in the freest of his free verse, the reader will...

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