Robert Penn Warren Poetry: American Poets Analysis - Essay

Robert Penn Warren Poetry: American Poets Analysis

(Poets and Poetry in America)

Robert Penn Warren was blessed twice over. He was a son of and grew up in a region of the country renowned for its love of the land and devotion to earthy folk wisdom and the art of storytelling. There was also a love of language, particularly the fustian spirit of the orator and the preacher, based on a deep, dark respect for the Word, orotund and oracular.

Added to that, however, Warren spent his formative years in a world that was making the transition from the comparative bucolic and optimistic sensibilities of the late nineteenth century to the frenzied, fearful, frenetic pace of the post-World War I 1920’s. Poetry was being called into service by young people everywhere to try to explain what had happened, or at...

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