Robert Nye T. A. Shippey - Essay

T. A. Shippey

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

Three Red Ravagers of the Island of Britain: Arthur, and Run son of Beli, and Morgant the Wealthy. And Three Unfortunate Disclosures of the Island of Britain. And Three Fierce Handslaps. And Three Futile Battles. Everybody can do ancient Welsh triads once they've got the idea.

What turns up in Robert Nye's Merlin could be called "Three Enormous Spankings of the Court of King Arthur": first the birching of Vivien the virgin when she was with child with Merlin and no man had touched her. And second the whipping of Ygrayne the Countess by her husband's shape at the time her husband was alive and dead. And third the beating of Morgan le Fay by her half-brother that was King Arthur. But onto the...

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