Robert Nisbet Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)


Stone, Brad Lowell. “Life.” In Robert Nisbet. Wilmington: Intercollegiate Studies Institute, 2000.

Provides a brief overview of Nisbet's life and career.


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Discusses Nisbet's role in formulating the precepts of post-World War II American conservatism.

Gans, Herbert J. “The Costs of Inequality.” In Small Comforts for Hard Times: Humanists on Public Policy, pp.414-35. New York: Columbia University Press, 1977.

Responds to Nisbet's criticism of intellectuals' pursuit of worldwide, substantive economic equality.

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Praises Nisbet's critique of the centralization of political power while dismissing his criticism of mass society.

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Assesses Nisbet's role in attempting to bridge the gap between conservatives committed to the promotion of religious tradition and those more accepting of contemporary secularism.

Additional coverage of Nisbet's life and career is contained in the following sources published by the Gale Group: Contemporary Authors, Vols. 25-28R, 153; Contemporary Authors New Revision Series, Vol. 17; and Literature Resource Center.