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Richard Adams

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[Path of Hunters] is about the lives, food-quests and deaths (as food) of various animals inhabiting an American 'meadow'. In spite of the realistic (even horrific) treatment of the animals' deaths as they prey upon one another for food, it contrives to be cosy in the manner of a certain kind of animal film spoken commentary. 'Clean at last! Nothing like a bath before bedtime!' (This of a female bat). The old fox 'was no quitter', and the marmot 'was aware of a bothersome itch on his belly'. It would be rather embarrassing stuff to read aloud, and includes sage remarks like 'Awesome weaponry often preserves peace'. (p. 663)

Richard Adams, "Fur and Feather: 'Path of Hunters'," in New Statesman (© 1974 The Statesman & Nation Publishing Co. Ltd.), Vol. 88, No. 2277, November 8, 1974, pp. 663-64.

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