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[Hang for Treason] is a freewheeling yet wholesome (hope that word doesn't put the kiss of death on it) tale of a young boy in Vermont during the Revolution…. By wholesome I do not mean to imply that the novel is all happiness and light. On the contrary, it is in some ways a rite-of-passage novel in which Able Booker experiences both good (young love) and bad (the senseless death by burning of his family). But Peck does not linger on the morbid. Instead, his robust style is attuned to the birth pangs of a new country. I hope young readers will allow themselves the pleasure of experiencing the turmoil of that birth.

Gary Bogart, "Elderly Books for Youngerly Readers: 'Hang for Treason'," in Wilson Library Bulletin (copyright © 1976 by the H. W. Wilson Company), Vol. 50, No. 8, April, 1976, p. 641.

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