Other literary forms

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

In addition to the short novel with which he began his literary career and the massive unfinished work that occupied the later years of his life, Robert Musil (MEW-zihl) wrote a dissertation on the Austrian philosopher Ernst Mach, Beitrag zur Beurteilung der Lehren Machs (1908; On Mach’s Theories, 1982); a number of short stories and novellas, including those published in Vereinigungen (1911; partial translation Unions, 1965) and Drei Frauen (1924; Tonka, and Other Stories, 1965) and later published in English under the title Five Women (1966); two plays, Die Schwärmer (pb. 1921; The Enthusiasts, 1983) and a farce titled Vinzenz und die Freundin bedeutender Männer (1923; Vinzenz and the girlfriend of important men); and many essays, reviews, and newspaper pieces, some of which were revised and published in Nachlass zu Lebzeiten (1936; Posthumous Papers of a Living Author, 1987). Two multivolume collections of Musil’s diaries and letters have also been edited and published in German, and a selection of his writings was collected and published in English in 1986.