(Masterpieces of Fiction, Detective and Mystery Edition)

As Robert L. Fish said in numerous interviews and speeches, his work was written with the view to entertain. He wanted his characters to be realistic and their locales to be authentic, however, and believed that he wrote best when describing that with which he was familiar. His lifetime of travel and work throughout the world permitted him to achieve this authenticity naturally. With wit and charm, Fish informed his public of the relentless demands and scant rewards of the professional law enforcement agencies, the importance of one dedicated individual in a moment of crisis, and the universality of human foibles.

Fish’s craftsmanship is immediately apparent: His well-defined characters change and grow in sophistication and maturity in his series; his plots are constructed with care; and his prose is economical, cogent, and polished. His impressive body of work includes pastiche/parody, thrillers, and delightful short stories as well as his celebrated series.