Robert Grosseteste Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism)

De artibus liberalibus (philosophical-scientific-theological treatise) 1214-35

De Calore Solis [On the Heat of the Sun] (scientific treatise) c. 1214-35

De Colore [On Colors] (scientific treatise) c. 1214-35

De Cessatione Legalium [On Setting aside the Law] (theological treatise) c. 1214-35

Le Chasteau d'Amour [The Castle of Love] (romance) c. 1214-35

Commentarium in VIII Libros Physicorum [Commentary on the Eight Books of [Aristotle's] Physics] (commentary) c. 1214-35

Commentarius in Posterium Analyticorum Libros...

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