Robert D(avid) FitzGerald G. A. Wilkes - Essay

G. A. Wilkes

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

R. D. FitzGerald's verse is so strenuous and athletic as to daunt any mind which is not fully alert: to read him when fatigued, or in ill-health, is apt to confirm any suspicion of one's personal inadequacies. For over forty years FitzGerald has been using poetry to test and clarify his experience to himself, to arrive at the truth of it—and there is an intellectual pressure behind his writing that is rarely relaxed. (p. 243)

In the chapter on "Poetry's Approach to Reality" in The Elements of Poetry (1963), FitzGerald has insisted that poetry deals with "tangibles and actualities", and that "for the purposes of poetry the study of things, the love of things for their own sake, is...

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