Robert Buchanan Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)

The Rathboys [with Charles Gibbon] (drama) 1862

Storm Beaten; or, Christmas Eve at the “Old Anchor” Inn [with Charles Gibbon] (drama) 1862

Undertones (poetry) 1863

The Witch Finder (drama) 1864

Idyls and Legends of Inverburn (poetry) 1865

Ballad Stories of the Affections: From the Scandinavian (poetry) 1866

London Poems (poetry) 1866

David Gray and Other Essays, Chiefly on Poetry (essays) 1868

North Coast and Other Poems (poetry) 1868

The Book of Orm: A Prelude to the Epic (poetry) 1870

Napoleon Fallen: A Lyrical Drama (poetry) 1870

The Drama of Kings (poetry) 1871

The Land of Lorne 2 vols. (essays) 1871

The Fleshly School of Poetry and Other Phenomena of the Day (essays) 1872

Saint Abe and His Seven Wives: A Tale of Salt Lake City (poetry) 1872

Master-Spirits (essays) 1873

White Rose and Red: A Love Story (poetry) 1873

A Madcap Prince (drama) 1874

The Poetical Works 3 vols. (poetry) 1874

Corinne (drama) 1876

The Shadow of the Sword (novel) 1876

Balder the Beautiful: A Song of Divine Death (poetry) 1877

The Nine Days' Queen (drama) 1880

A Child of Nature (novel) 1881

The Exiles of Erin (drama) 1881


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