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(British and Irish Poetry, Revised Edition)

Although Robert Bridges wrote poetry extensively, he was also a prolific scholar. His monograph on Milton’s Prosody: An Examination of the Rules of the Blank Verse in Milton’s Later Poems with an Account of the Versification of “Samson Agonistes (1893, 1901) is a model of research. His Collected Essays, Papers, Etc. have been published in thirty parts by Oxford University Press (1927-1936). Bridges is probably most known in modern times for his correspondence with Gerard Manley Hopkins. Hopkins’s letters to Bridges have been published (Oxford University Press, 1935, 1955), but Bridges destroyed his letters to Hopkins. The Correspondence of Robert Bridges and Henry Bradley, 1900-1923 has been published (1940), as well as his Three Friends: Memoirs of Digby Mackworth Dolben, Richard Watson Dixon, and Henry Bradley (1932). Bridges also wrote a few poems in Latin.