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Dahl, Roald (Vol. 1)

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

Dahl, Roald 1916–

Dahl, a Welsh-born Englishman, is noted for his tales of grotesque horror. He also writes stories for children. (See also Contemporary Authors, Vols. 1-4, rev. ed.)

Perhaps it is because of Dahl's lack of ambition, his indifference to imposing a "vision" on his stories, his lack of obsessions—sexual and otherwise—that he can focus always on the smooth, logical flow of narrative action. Whatever the cause, the stories in his new collection [Selected Stories of Roald Dahl ] make clear that … he knows the difference between merely interesting episodes and characters (of which there are many in these stories) and a finished work. [His stories are rather] farfetched but eminently readable and despite their lack of...

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