The Road Overview Quiz

eNotes' The Road Overview Quiz includes questions on the plot, characters, and setting of Cormac McCarthy's dystopian novel to better help you in your studies. Test yourself on the details of this modern classic today!

  1. How many steps is the father able to take as he carries his son before he must stop?

  2. What does the father do after his leg is injured?

  3. What do the father and son find in the barn to eat?

  4. What gruesome discovery is found at the stone wall?

  5. Following the attempted robbery, of what does the father dream?

  6. What are the people seen getting out of the trunk wearing?

  7. What does the son tell the father he has found, while the older man was sleeping?

  8. What does the son find in his jacket that he shares with his father?

  9. What does the father demand of the thief after he gets the cart?

  10. Where do father and son head after leaving the gas station?