The Road Chapter 5 Summary and Analysis

Cormac McCarthy

Chapter 5 Summary and Analysis

The weather is getting worse. Snow is constantly falling. The man and the boy have no food to eat. Their clothing is wet, and they are constantly cold. The boy is always shivering. The man looks at his son and barely recognizes him. The boy is so thin that his eyes are sunken in their sockets. They both are exhausted. But they must move on. Their footprints are too obvious in the snow, making them easy to track.

The man makes small fires each night. The wood is so dry, the fires do not last long. So he must spend most of the night collecting limbs to burn. Their shoes are not keeping their feet dry, so the man makes coverings for their feet by tearing pieces from the suit coats that he found...

(The entire section is 1230 words.)