(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Flame Morgan Bennett is not the average “working girl.” She is indeed a successful and accomplished advertising executive who is ardently pursued by numerous clients--not the least of whom is the wealthy and adulterous Malcolm Powell. Flame is also, however, the last descendant of one of the founding families of San Francisco and thus possessed of impeccable social connections, although the fortune to sustain such a life-style has long since vanished. In consequence, no one is surprised to find Bennett in attendance for the opening of the San Francisco Opera.

Also, present at the gala opening, because of happenstance and a lengthy involvement with Lucianna Colton, the inordinately affluent developer and real-estate mogul. Stuart is a classic example of the poor boy who rises above his beginnings to establish a financial empire. Insofar as Chance is concerned, the world is his oyster. Much to his surprise, however, a random encounter with Flame Bennett awakens a passion which takes both of them unawares and amazes them both with its depth and intensity. Within a short time, Flame is Mrs. Chance Stuart and fate would seem to have created the perfect union.

Then, Flame discovers that she is heiress to Morgan’s Walk--a vast tract of land outside Tulsa, Oklahoma, which her husband has long desired to possess in order to satisfy an ancient promise born in hatred and betrayal. Flame can only wonder if her new husband’s passion is the result of his attraction to her or his obsessive lust for the land she inherited. Moreover, is Chance so determined to posses Morgan’s Walk that he will commit murder to attain his ends?

RIVALS is a romance of both the contemporary world of the wealthy and powerful, but also a tale of lust, betrayal, and greed in the raucous days of the Oklahoma Land Rush. Janet Dailey manages to blend past and present in a gripping tale of violent emotion and mystery which will delight readers old and young.