Author Diana Peterfreund continues her Secret Society Girl series with The Rites of Spring (Break). Readers will join protagonist Amy Haskel (a.k.a. "Bugaboo") and her Rose & Grave cohorts, as she and the rest of the Diggers explore Cavador Key, the society's private island.

The group ventures south for spring vacation following a society prank gone awry. Amy had promised that she would sneak into rival society Dragon's Head and reclaim the society relic that they had stolen from Rose & Grave. Unfortunately, the mission takes a turn for the worse when Amy and her peers trip the alarms at Dragon's Head and the thieves' identities are revealed by Amy's signature yellow sneakers. After this disastrous turn, the Diggers decide they need a little rest and relaxation on the society's private island.

As it turns out, Amy's classmates are not the only guests on the island. It seems that Rose & Grave patriarch Kurt Gehry and his family are taking refuge on the island after a political scandal that has put him in the spotlight. Additionally, the Diggers must contend with a group of people staying on the next island over who are convinced that they can bring down the secret society if only they can get enough information to support their conspiracy theory.

Amy is no fan of the water and nearly drowns after her life jacket malfunctions. Suspicions are raised when it appears that the faulty life jacket had been intentionally altered. As the week progresses, the entire group is stricken with a nasty stomach bug and the girls' sleeping quarters are destroyed. Amid the chaos, Amy and Poe, another society member who has graduated from Eli University but remains a strong presence in the society, see beyond their past rivalry and have a spring fling of their own. As the fate of the group's vacation becomes unclear, all Amy hopes for is that she will make it home alive.

Diana Peterfreund is the author of the Secret Society Girl series, which includes three other novels: Secret Society Girl, Under the Rose, and Tap & Gown. She has also penned Rampant, a novel for teens, in addition to contributing to several nonfiction anthologies.